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VOIP Phone Systems


VoIP Phone Systems Overview

Cloud-based business systems have been adopted at a rapid rate in the past five years. In 2015 alone, according to a Microsoft Hosting and Cloud Study, 75% of businesses will have almost all of their applications in cloud environments. The main reasons are clear: technological advances, business growth, and better overall business service. At one point, legacy PBX systems offered many advantages, but now those benefits have largely been overtaken by newer technologies. Traditional PBX infrastructure is both costly to upgrade, limited in its flexibility, and unable to adapt to an increasingly mobile environment. Worse still, maintenance on PBX hardware is expensive and unsustainable.

Ciracom’s CloudTalk Virtual PBX

For over 15 years, Ciracom has been assisting customers drastically redefine their office space communications with cloud-based technology. From that experience came the release of Ciracom CloudTalk virtual PBX. CloudTalk comes with all the features of traditional PBX – voice, conferencing, intercom calling, extensions, voicemail, etc. – but isn’t held back by old technology.

Scalable and Flexible

Commissioning new phone numbers on a traditional PBX system used to be a bear. With a virtual PBX, you no longer need to place orders for expensive hardware and then wait for it to arrive just to setup a new number. The entire process – from obtaining a number to configuring it for use for a new employee – is over in minutes with CloudTalk. Temporary employees or teleworkers no longer have to feel out of the loop and the administrative process of bringing them onboard is quicker than it’s ever been.

CloudTalk Receptionist

Configuring phone system receptionists can be both tricky and time consuming as a process. CloudTalk allows you to setup your virtual receptionist in minutes without having your business represented by a robot. With CloudTalk, allow users or departments to select their appropriate greeting or choose their own professionally recorded greeting (ask us about our Cloud Love voicemail setup). Give your business a lively feel with greetings that can be changed quickly depending on the holiday, vacation schedule, or any other event that comes up. Or you could have all your calls forwarded to any number worldwide so you never miss those business critical calls.


As business environments become more remote, your communications should be stronger than ever. With CloudTalk, geographic location is no longer an obstacle. If you have an internet connection in Switzerland, you can have a conference call with your colleagues back at home – free with on-network calling!


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