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Compliance & Reporting

In the last several years, dozens of new laws have been passed worldwide aimed at ensuring the security, integrity, and privacy of financial, consumer, and other sensitive data. Technology plays a key role in helping companies comply with these regulations and requirements, and Ciracom works with its customers to make compliance an integral and ongoing part of everyday business operations. We approach compliance and reporting requirements from several angles—not only to satisfy Federal requirements, but also to streamline the process, improve security and efficiency and minimize costs.

Our Compliance and Reporting services:

  • Analyze compliance and reporting requirements;
  • Modify or create reporting process, including customized reports;
  • Convert paper processes into online processes;
  • Streamline and automate report submissions;
  • Integrate security into data capture, report generation and submission; and
  • Increase efficiency as it relates to disseminating, storing and managing data.