Project Management

A graph showing the project management lifecycle showing:  1. Project Initiation  2. Project Planning  3. Project Execution  4. Project Closure.  Within these items are: 1. Project Review  2. Project Definition  3. Detailed Planning  4. Project ReviewAt Ciracom, our project managers guide customers through the four core elements of a project: resources, time, money, and most importantly, scope. Our experienced project managers follow a disciplined process that takes into account project size, goals, personnel, costs, equipment and task durations. Our standard management process includes:

  • Project Initiation, during which the objectives, purpose and deliverables are defined;
  • Project Planning, which involves creating a set of plans to help guide the team through the execution of the project;
  • Project Execution, usually the longest phase in the project life cycle; and
  • Project Closure, when we formally close the project and report on its overall level of success.

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