About Ciracom Cloud | Virginia's IT Technology Company & Cloud Provider
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We Believe in the Cloud.

Ciracom is a managed IT technology company and cloud service provider located in historic Alexandria Virginia. Since 2001, Ciracom has built a “cloud first” reputation with dedicated project management, engineering and support of hybrid, private and public cloud platforms.

Our mission is to empower the innovators across Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia to achieve more.

Cloud Love™

Our Core Purpose, Cloud Love™, defines perfectly why we exist. By removing the burden of understanding what cloud services to choose and if your technology is working for you, we allow your people to focus on more valuable initiatives. We release your leadership to focus on growing and improving the business, rather than worrying about whether your technology, people and processes are optimized.

~Amy Rutt, Chief Cloud Fanatic, Founder

Responsibility Assumed, Ownership Taken

Champions complete vigilance for the privacy and security of information. Show respect through accountability, transparency, willingness and efficacy.


Smile and have a playful attitude. Communicate with a sparkly edge and sprinkle with humor, but always with a professional approach and respectful regard.

Experience Matters

Have a user experience above all else. Quality and speed are paramount. Our products engage the user, stir emotion and feel good to use.

Thoughtful evolution

Introspection and challenge the status quo. Through awareness and metamorphosis, reject obsolescence.

Wear the lenses of others

Approach every situation with kindness and courtesy. There are no bad questions. Consider the root cause. Respond rather than react.

Process is the key to success

Follow, create and improve. Embrace the brilliance and convenience of our service delivery tools and focus on continuous improvement.


Actively develop and commit to personal growth. Become smarter, faster, and more powerful humans. Harness talent and create opportunities for personal and professional advancement through education and innovation. Engage with peers, lead by example.

Meet the Team


Amy Rutt, Chief Cloud Fanatic, Founder

Amy Rutt is the Chief Cloud Fanatic at Ciracom. For nearly 20 years, she has led Ciracom by driving innovation and since providing Microsoft Hosted Exchange in 2000, she has never looked back.

Originally from Seattle, Amy lives in Washington D.C. with her family and can be found on weekends, exploring the Smithsonian, Rock Creek Park and the many wonderful sites in the DMV.


Bachelor of Science in Sociology, the University of Oregon


Greg Hanssen, Chief Technology Officer

Greg Hanssen is the Chief Technology Officer at Ciracom. For 10 years, Greg led the critical systems team at Ciracom and in 2016 was promoted to CTO. Greg provides the vision for our customers’ cloud technologies and the leadership of our technical support team.

He is a native of Northern Virginia and can be found on the weekends either in his woodshop or spending time with his growing family.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, George Mason University

D.C., Maryland and Virginia IT Technology Company

Ciracom is located in Historic Old Town Alexandria

300 North Washington Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314

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If you think you would be a good fit for our team,
we would love to hear from you!

As a leader in our field, we are always looking for highly skilled and motivated professionals to join us, grow with us and make a difference! If you are interested in working for Ciracom and think we might be a good match, please contact us.