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IT Services for Marketing and Creative Businesses

Smart Media Group is the fastest growing media firm in Washington, D.C., providing clients with efficient, streamlined political media purchasing services. They accomplish this is by using the latest technology available to consume and analyze big data so that their clients’ dollar goes further.

In an incredibly fast moving field like media buying, Smart Media Group has to leverage the best technologies to stay ahead of the competition. That means the ability to collaborate at a moment’s notice. Files need to be quickly accessed and available for team response to meet the 24-hour news cycle.

Cloud Ready?

Before working with Ciracom Cloud, Smart Media Group’s on-site infrastructure included two local servers loaded with files. Connectivity was an issue and controlling access to important documents was a challenge.

“We had a problem with our file server. We had way too many documents and the permissions were not properly configured. Smart Media Group spent countless hours trying to find the documents we needed and managing access to those documents.”

Paul Winn, Chief Operating Officer

The Cloud — A path to better team collaboration

Ciracom Cloud and Smart Media Group developed a project plan for migrating their existing infrastructure into the cloud to meet their 24×7 workload.

With SharePoint, Smart Media Group would be able to set a robust and compliance driven user policy – staff can now access and collaborate to quickly and efficiently support their clients.

“Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud are good ideas. After equipping our organization with Office 365 licenses, we are saving time and money sourcing documents with much better integration and sharing permissions.”

Paul Winn, Chief Operating Officer

Top of their Game

Smart Media Group has always been at the top of their game when it comes to analytics and big data technology. Their ability to use these tools just got a little easier with Office 365 and SharePoint.

“In our industry, the technology you use to analyze data can make or break your business model.”
“Microsoft’s Power BI has features that give us integrated business analytics that enable our staff to make the right decisions sooner than the competition. We couldn’t be happier.”

Paul Winn, Chief Operating Officer