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IT Services for Manufacturing and Creative Businesses

How do you configure 1500 iPads in less than a week?

You turn to Ciracom Cloud’s IT services for manufacturing and creative businesses, Ciracom Cloud’s Tiger Team! K&R Promotional Products , a nationwide top 50 promotional products distributor – delivers creative solutions in branding, product design, and branding development. K&R’s business and reputation has been forged over a 30 year history of delivering the highest quality products and services to their clients regardless of scope and time frame.

K&R was tasked by a client to provide high-quality iPad engraving — a task they are very familiar with. The two-week time frame necessitated a quick resolution before the 1,500 iPads were put into production at a nationally recognized convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The iPads needed to be configured for 1500 individual conference attendees, imaged with their app and configured to the conference facility’s wireless network. K&R Promotional Products Chief Financial Officer Alan Brown reached out to Ciracom Cloud for help.

The project plan necessitated Ciracom Cloud coordinate with K&R Promotional Products custom engraving team so that the iPad configuration was finished in unison with the engraving process to ensure all products met specifications.

“To make things a little more complicated, “said Brown, “each machine had to have the recipient’s name engraved on the back and printed on the box. He continued, “We handled the engraving, Ciracom Cloud handled everything else.”


We Deliver

Ciracom Cloud recognized that a key part of K&R’s  business is focusing on meeting delivery expectations and supply chain management. Ciracom Cloud tested, developed, and deployed a process that had all 1,500 iPads configured, quality assured, and repackaged for the conference attendees in under four days.

“They set up a process to download the client’s application, install it on the iPads, and setup the customized login profile,” Brown said. “Ciracom assembled the people, equipment and technical knowledge needed to get the job done right, on time, the first time.”

The Ability to Scale

Ciracom Cloud provided K&R Promotional Products with IT services for manufacturing which gave them a repeatable process for future orders. The ability to scale an order on short-notice ensured that K&R was left with a happy customer and a successful sales process that continues to honor their decades old tradition of prompt response and the highest quality of service.

“We have a happy client and now we’re looking for the next project to try to stump Ciracom Cloud,” said Brown.