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Ciracom President Amy Rutt Attends Microsoft Ignite Conference as a Community Reporter

As she did so, Rutt was able to sit with many fascinating people. For one of her interviews, she spoke with a young student of the University of Central Florida, junior Chloe Geller, who studies computers, math, and intelligent robotics systems. She was inspired by the needs of her father, a former software engineer who was paralyzed on one side due to a stroke when she was in seventh grade. Frustrated by the limitations that his conditions placed on his life, Geller realized that her love of coding meant she could focus on the artificial intelligence that fuels prosthetic needs, while engineers could focus on creating the actual device itself.

Rutt also enjoyed the opportunity to attend some of the sessions that made up this conference. As she did so, she was able to hear about topics like compliance and security. According to Rutt:

“I really loved hearing from Microsoft Product Engineers and developers directly - those were the individuals who were giving those sessions, and in other words, they’re subject matter experts, and it was just very fulfilling. Very intellectually stimulating, that’s for sure.”

Rutt was also able to discuss the Internet of Things with a member of the Azure Internet of Things team, Olivier Bloch, who discussed how AI and the IoT could benefit sustainable agriculture, healthcare, and many other industries - helping to level the playing field between large and small organizations.

In addition, Microsoft has been - in Rutt’s words - taking the lead where inclusion and diversity are involved in the technology space. In this way, Rutt feels that Ciracom and Microsoft are on the same page, and it makes her proud to be a Microsoft Partner.

A new service, called Azure Arc, was introduced during the conference. Azure Arc works as evidence of Microsoft’s embracing of hybrid cloud platforms, demonstrating how applications can become more accessible and flexible, as either an on-premise solution or as a part of edge computing practices.

In short, the Ignite Conference was the opportunity for Microsoft to show off their progress on various projects, highlighting how diverse their activities and the community at large really are. While this may have been Rutt’s first Ignite Conference experience, it certainly won’t be her last.

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